2024 Registration is closed

Register yourself, your band, or another artist in as many categories as you want.

You’ll be taken to to start the process. We partner with Broadjam for registration and voting, so registrants will need a Broadjam account. Creating a Broadjam account for the purpose of registering is free, but because this is for a charity event we happily accept donations.

Nominating someone else or already know the ropes? Go straight to the registration page ↗


First, gather up your things

If you’re already a Broadjam member and the songs you want to enter are already on your profile, skip to the final steps.

If you haven’t uploaded your assets, or you don’t yet have a Broadjam account, here’s what you’ll need:

  • MP3s of your music, plus information like title, genre, and a short description (optional).
  • At least one high-quality image or logo (if you’re creating a new account). JPG or PNG, no smaller than 1000x1000px.

Create a Broadjam Account: Part 1 – The Basics

  1. Once you’ve gathered your assets, go to the registration page at
  2. Click the "I want to register" link, fill out the short form, and click the SIGN UP button.

Create a Broadjam Account: Part 2 – Add Profile and Detailed Song Info

You still need to add your image(s) and music to your profile. You can pause registration and do it now, or come back to it later. While it is possible to upload a song directly from the registration page, we recommend completing your profile first, including uploading images and songs and adding song/album info.

Steps to Completing your Broadjam Profile:

  1. Open You may have to log in.
  2. If not already on your My Home page, click the MY HOME button.
  3. Locate the grey circular Broadjam placeholder logo. Click the Change Profile Pic button just beneath it.
  4. Upload your photo or logo. JPG or PNG, at least 1000x1000px.
  5. Edit the photo if you wish with the built-in editing tools. Click the yellow Save button to finalize. (Once back on your Home page, if you don’t see your photo right away try clicking the Change Profile Pic button to give it a poke.)
  6. Add songs. Along the colored MY HOME bar, click Manage and choose My Songs. Upload up to 15 MP3s at a time.
  7. Once uploaded, you’ll be taken to an Enter Song Data page.
  8. Here you can enter a track name, select the genre, add the song to a new album, and add metadata like tempo, credits, and descriptions. Click Submit. [You may get an error if your song hasn't completed activation. Give it a minute and try again.]
  9. Note: you can edit your song info at any time by going to Manage, My Songs, clicking on the 3-dot icon, and choosing “Edit Details.”
  10. There’s so much more you can do with a Broadjam profile, but we’re good for right now.

Final Steps: Profile Created and Songs Uploaded? It’s Time to Register for the Awards!

  1. Go/return to You may have to log in.
  2. Once you're on the Award Registration page, you have the option to register yourself or nominate others. Choose "Register in Award Categories".
  3. Do one award at a time. For example, for Song of the Year, choose one of your songs from the dropdown.
  4. Registration info will appear. Click the “Add to Registration” button.
  5. From here, if you want to register for more categories, simply select another category.
  6. Once you’re finished registering, click the “Review/Confirm my Registration” button.
  7. Make any changes if necessary. When you’re satisfied, click FINISH MY REGISTRATION. Please note that your registration will NOT be complete until you click this final button.

Congratulations — You just registered for the MAMAs!

For support with registration, contact
For MAMA member support, contact