Madison Area Music Association Awards 2020 Winners

Mike George

Jay Moran

Artist Of The Year - Lo Marie
Ensemble Vocals - Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Female Vocalist - Lo Marie
Male Vocalist - Sam Ness
New Artist - Kat and the Hurricane
Producer - Jake Johnson
Video Of The Year - Two Bucks (Offcial Music Video) - The Jeffrey James Show

Alternative Performer - Karen Wheelock
Blues Performer - Kelsey Miles
Children' Performer - John Duggleby
Country/Bluegrass Performer - Driveway Thriftdwellers
Cover Band Performer - VO5
Electronic Performer - 7ucky Vita
Folk/Americana Performer - Dana Perry
Hard Rock/Punk Performer - Sunspot
Hip-Hop Performer - Kilo aka SkitL’z
Jazz Performer - Lo Marie
Latin Performer - Orquesta SalSoul Del Mad
Pop/R&B Performer - The People Brothers Band
Rock Performer - BingBong
Unique Performer - Dana & The Joanis
Wish You Were Here Perform - Mr ono In Stereo
World Performer - Angela Puerta

Alternative Song - Solace - Shawndell Marks
Blues Song - Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet - The Jimmys
Children' Song - Forest Lullaby -Penelope' Thrill
Classical Song - Prelude Number 3 - Cyclops Cow
Country/Bluegrass Song - More Than This - Mackenzie Moore
Cover Song - I Can’t Make You Love Me - Sam Ness
Electronic Song - Little Robot Man - 7ucky Vita
Folk/Americana Song - For That Pretty Girl - Mark Croft
Hard Rock/Punk Song - One Room - Chaser
Hip Hop Song - Ariana - Michael Magennis & Jake Johnson
Jazz Song - Cathedral - Wurk
Latin Song - Solo digo - Tony Bonanno
Pop/R&B Song - All the Love - Lo Marie
Rock Song - Bouncing Ball - BingBong
Unique Song - Grim Reaper - The Jimmys
Wish You Were Here Song - Fly: The Super Sequel -Anthony Lamar(r)
World Song - Being in the US - Angela Puerta

Alternative Album - Kill the Rockstar - Dana Perry
Blues Album - Gotta Have It - The Jimmys
Compilation Album - Wisconsin Vinyl Collective: Volume Three - The Mascot Theory
Electronic Album - Sagittarius - 7ucky Vita
Folk/Americana Album - In My Head - The North Code
Hard Rock/Punk Album - The EPP Tape - Damsel Trash
Hip-Hop Album - Chakra 4 - Landon DeVon
Jazz Album - Animation - Wurk
Latin Album - Tu - Rey Cruz
Pop/R&B Album - Le Reve - Lo Marie
Rock Album - Songs About Girls - Distant Cuzins
Unique Album - Keys to Unlock Your Dreams - Shawndell Marks
Wish You Were Here Album - Living On - Nina Flaaseth
World Album - Live at the Brink - Graminy

Accordion - Molly Sorenson
Acoustic Guitar - Robert J. Conaway
Banjo - Chris Gruber
Bass (Strings) - John Christensen
Bass Guitar - Annelies Howell
Cello - Mary Gaines
Clarinet - Hannah Edlén
Drum Kit - Joey B. Banks
Electric Guitar - Brian Koenig
Euphonium - Kyle Rightley
Flute - Jessie Mitchell
French Horn - Sarah Gillespie
Harmonica - Westside Andy Linderman
Harp - Matt DeBlass
Mandolin - Chris Wagoner
Organ - Todd Phipps
Pedal Steel Guitar - Ryan Knudson
Percussion - Pauli Ryan
Piano - Michael Massey
Saxophone - Tony Barba
Specialty Guitar - Andrew Christensen
Specialty Instrument - Lindsay Feuling (Theremin)
Synthesizers - Karen Wheelock
Trombone - Courtney Larsen
Trumpet - Becky Lipsitz
Tuba - Scott Elsner
Turntables - DJ Pain 1
Viola - Jen Clare Paulson
Violin - Rin Ribble

CD/LP Artwork - The Fancy Pears
DJ - Cooper Talbot
Live Sound Engineer - Jon Chvojicek
Live Sound Engineer - Skylar Nahn
Local Live Music Venue - Bos Meadery
Local Music Fan - Deb Guisleman
Local Music Publication/Blog - Maximum Ink
Local Music Radio Personality - Teri Barr
Local Music Radio Station - WORT 89.9
Local Recorded Music Store - Strictly Discs
Photographer - Allison Lenz
Recording Studio - Paradyme Productions
Roadie - Tom Clark
Studio Sound Engineer - Audrey Martinovich

Youth Album of the Year - Cracked Reflections by Danielle Baratone
Youth Band/Ensemble of the Year - MadFiddlee
Youth Strings Player of the Year - Andrew Siehre
Youth Keyboardist of the Year - Danielle Baratonee
Youth Bassist of the Year - Oliver Gomeze
Youth Guitarist of the Year - Owen Johnson of Vegan Steakhousee
Youth Song of the Year - Eyes of Black, See the World in Yellow by Draydon Skaare
Youth Female Vocalist of the Year - Danielle Baratonee
Youth Male Vocalist of the Year - Draydon Skaar

Jenna Joanis

Heather Swartz
Andrew Siehr