• 2023 •

* Hall of Fame Inductee, ineligible to win again in that category


Blues, Country, Jazz, World Album

Anytime – No Name String Band
Free Kind Of Me – Becky Wiles
Golden Kingdom – Rey Cruz
On the Edge of Something – Bryant Switzky

Folk Album

Anchors & Arrows – Finding North
Big Blue EP – The Mascot Theory
Over These Green Hills – The Whiskey Farm
Spark – Michael Darling

Heavy, Hard, Modern, Lo-Fi Album

Between Your World and Mine – Morningstar
The Hum – Kyle Rightley
Thunder Bolt – John Masino
Tune It Out – Marsden

Pop, Latin, R & B Album

Jake'O – Jake'O
Out of Nowhere – Mackenzie Moore
Power – El Rey Produciendo
The Bar – Lo Marie

Rock Album

100% Smooth & Blended – Hoot and Hollers
Down on Ruskin St – 20 Minute Mission
The Strangest Frequency – Sunspot
Twilight on Tunnel Road – Penelope's Thrill

Unique Album

Goin' Soft – Cribshitter
Signal – Kitty Harris
The Jazz Composition Blitz – Claire Kannapell
The Tops of the Trees – Little Red Wolf


Local Live Music Venue

Cafe Coda
Harmony Bar & Grill
High Noon Saloon
The Bur Oak

Local Music Radio Station

Live Loud Local
Max Ink Radio

Recording Studio

Audio For The Arts
Blast House Studios
Megatone Studios
Paradyme Productions

Local Music Fan

Deb Guisleman
Heidi DiLaura
Kim Crapp
Sybil Augustine
Sara "Hotdog" Warmke *

Local Music Radio Personality

Cooper Talbot
D.J. el Serpentine (Sal Serio)
Kayla Kush
Rob Roberts
Gabby Parsons *


Allison Lenz
Cesar Gonzalez
Jim Barnard
Sonia Villalobos


Jason Crapp
Larry Diehls
Lilly Kobs
Nate Franczek


Live Sound Engineer

Audrey Martinovich
Buzz Kemper
Noah Gilfillan
Skylar Nahn
Lonya Nenashez *


Buzz Kemper
Glenn Widdicombe
Jake Johnson
Matt LaPlant

Studio Sound Engineer

Audrey Martinovich
Buzz Kemper
Noah Gilfillan
Stephanie Benicek
Mike Zirkel *


Acoustic Guitar

Dana Perry
Erik Kjelland
Mackenzie Moore
Sam Ness

Bass (Strings)

Ben Ferris
Jeff Weiss
John Mesoloras
Lucas Koehler
John Christensen *

Bass Guitar

Annelies Howell
Melissa Kieler
Mike Huberty
Nick Fry
Pete Olig
Tim Gordon
Todd Osborne

Drum Kit

Chris Di Bernardo
Ginny Kincaid
Jenna Joanis
Max Morkri
Wendy Lynn Markus
Joey B. Banks *

Electric Guitar

Brian Koenig
Bruce Wasserstrom
Corey Mathew Hart
Frank Laufenberg
Jef Hinds
Joe Dieter
John Masino
Louka Patenaude

Free Reed

Katrina Harms (Accordion)
Kelsey Miles (Harmonica)
Sam Ness (Kazoo)
Westside Andy Linderman (Harmonica)


Chris Powers
Chris Wagoner
Jon Peik
Sims Delaney-Potthoff

Orchestral Strings

Kayla Patrick (Viola)
Mary Gaines (Cello)
Matt DeBlass (Harp)
Shauncey Ali (Viola)

Orchestral Wind

Andrew Briddell (Bassoon)
Daniel Haschke (Flute)
Jessie Mitchell (Flute)
Maggie Cousin (Bass Clarinet)
Sue Newman (Oboe)


Jimmy Voegeli
Mike Cammilleri
Peter Baggenstoss
Todd Phipps


Eric De Los Santos
Geoff Brady
Maggie Delaney-Potthoff
Paddy Cassidy


Dave Adler
Leo Albertoni
Michael Massey
Shawndell Marks
Jimmy Voegeli *


Clay Lyons
Maggie Cousin
Nick Bartell
Tony Barba

Specialty Brass

David Spies (Tuba)
Kia Karlen (French Horn)
Kyle Rightley (Euphonium)
Sarah Gillespie (French Horn)

Specialty Instrument

Brian Grimm (Pipa - Chinese Lute)
Christo Ruppenthal (Ukulele)
Clay Konnor (Electronic Woodwind Instrument)
Shea Henry (Erhu)

Specialty Strings

Bob Hoot (Slide Guitar)
Christo Ruppenthal (Pedal Steel Guitar)
John Hitchcock (Pedal Steel Guitar)
Ryan Knudson (Pedal Steel Guitar)


Aaron Konkol
Lindsay Feuling
Matt Williams
Nathanael Bjork


Darren Sterud
Flaviano Estrella, Jr.
Jamie Kember
Mark Hetzler


Chad Whittinghill
Jessica Jensen
Jon Schipper
Paul Dietrich


Corey Whitmore
DJ Pain 1
Steve Banik


John Vriesacker
Kenny Leiser
Rin Ribble
Shauncey Ali


Blues Song

Monkey Monkey – Jim Barnard
Newton's Red Guitar – Ken Lonnquist
No Big Deal – The Midnite Rum Orchestra
Write A Hit – The Jimmys

Country – Alternative

COVID Cove – Cribshitter
Drugstore Cowboy – Tent Show Troubadours
Mr. Miyagi – Becky Wiles
Three Days Of Rain – Hoot and Hollers

Country – Americana, Religious Song

Call Me Crazy – Becky Wiles
Heroes & Horse Thieves – Tent Show Troubadours
She's Waiting It Out – Bryant Switzky
You Look Alright, Still – No Name String Band

Country – Traditional Song

Assplay – Cribshitter
Blister – Ken Lonnquist
Co-Pilot – Becky Wiles
This Girl Wants To Be Bad – Deby Kelley

Folk – Americana Song

Dire-Gelt (Elm Duo) – Graminy
Possum In The Kitchen – Little Red Wolf
Untitled #18 / Jackson's Regret – No Name String Band
Victim Without A Crime – Kyle Rightley

Folk - Contemporary, Rock Song

He is Waiting – John C. Van Orman
Just Let Me – Finding North
Lavender Blues – The Mascot Theory
Slow it Down – Sam Ness

Folk – Traditional

Gentleman to A Fault – Finding North
Keep On Grinding On – Bryant Switzky
Leave the Light On – Kyle Rightley
Untitled #16 – No Name String Band

Jazz, Classical, New Age Song

I Quit (Elm Duo) – Graminy
Neue Gymnopedie No 1 – Cyclops Cow
One Mind – John Masino
Rust – Claire Kannapell

Latin - General Song

Dame Contacto – Danisa
Fuego – El Rey Produciendo
Historia De Una Amor (Bachata Version) – Lisvette Duran
Soy Un Guerrero – El Gatty

Latin - Pop Song

Baby Girl – Rey Cruz
Desde Que Te Conoci – El Gatty
Rumores – Crizy
Si Tu Supieras – Danisa

Latin - Rap/Hip Hop, Trap, Dancehall Song

Ahora Estoy Mejor – Danisa
De Donde Vengo – Crizy
Llego El Rey Tu Papa Esta De Vuelta (Live) – Rey Cruz
Preach The World – El Gatty

Latin - Tropical, Salsa Song

Me Tienes Loco – Rey Cruz
Mil Perdon – El Gatty
Que Bello (Bachata Version) – Lisvette Duran
Verte De Nuevo – Crizy

Latin - Urban Song

Danisa X Rey Cruz - Ahora Estoy Mejor - (Remix) – Danisa
El Gusto De Las Mujeres – CumbiaCachaca
La Santa Trinidad – El Gatty
Power – El Rey Produciendo

Pop - Alternative, Rock, Classic Song

Cor ad Cor – Kaia Kalise
Electric Soul – Jake'O
Feel Your Love – Jake'O
Garden – Finding North
Mannequin – Mackenzie Moore

Pop - General Song

Coffee – Michael Darling
Haunted – Mackenzie Moore
When the World is Back Together Again – John Masino
Youre Lucky I Love You – Cribshitter

Rap, R & B. Electronic Song

Come Up For Air – Kyle Rightley
Dinero – El Rey Produciendo
Jealousy Looks Good on You – Lo Marie
The Canadian War – Joe Iaquinto

Rock - Alternative Song

Arrow – Mackenzie Moore
Dreams Of The World – John Masino
End on End – Marsden
Pink – Charlieboy

Rock – Classic Indie Song

American Dream – Marsden
Cleaning My House – Little Red Wolf
The Wrong Side – The Mascot Theory
You Will Know When It Is Time – Sunspot

Rock - Modern Song

I'm On Fire – Sunspot
Racists Are Assholes – The First Rule
Sausalito Sunset – Cribshitter
Tom's Song – 20 Minute Mission

Rock - Hard Rock & Grunge Song

Bittersweet Lullaby – Morningstar
Dark Streets – Kyle Rightley
Doubt – Marsden
How Does It Feel? – The Solution

Rock - New Wave Song

Gaslight – Heavy Looks
Good Stuff – BingBong
Paul – 20 Minute Mission
Thunder Bolt – John Masino

Spoken Word, Unique Song

Devil Out Of Me – Hoot and Hollers
Imago Dei – Kitty Harris
Lessons From My Dad – Bryant Switzky
Resolution – Shauncey Ali

World Song

Contacto (Clean Version) – Rey Cruz
Cuando He Caido Yo – El Gatty
The Trees Sing – Tony Bonanno
Transcend – John Masino


Blues Performer

Blythe Gamble
Jackie Ernst
Mel Ford
Richard Wiegel
The Jimmys *

Classical, World, Unique Performer

David Landau
Forward! Marching Band
Yid Vicious
John Duggleby
Natty Nation *World Performer

Country Performer

Hoot and Hollers
Jenny Lupien
Mason Meyer
No Name String Band

Cover Band Performer

Birddog Blues Band
Diamonds and Lead
Madison County
Orquestra MAS

DJ Performer

D.J. el Serpentine (Sal Serio)
DJ Boyfrrriend
DJ Latin Fresh
Kayla Kush *

Folk Performer

Dana Perry
Kyle Rightley
Mackenzie Moore
The Mascot Theory

Jazz Performer

Five Points Jazz Collective
Lo Marie
Rare Element
Latin Performer

El Gatty
El Rey Produciendo
Lisvette Duran
Rey Cruz

Pop, R & B, Rap, Electronic Performer

Kat and the Hurricane
Roscoe Foster and the Rascal Theory

Rock Performer

20 Minute Mission
John Masino
Lords of the Trident *Heavy Metal


Album Of The Year

Anytime – No Name String Band
Big Blue EP – The Mascot Theory
Out of Nowhere – Mackenzie Moore
The Strangest Frequency – Sunspot

Song Of The Year

Coffee – Michael Darling
Cup of Joe (2022) – Tent Show Troubadours
Feel Your Love – Jake'O
Game of Voices – Kyle Rightley
I'm On Fire – Sunspot
Mannequin –- Mackenzie Moore
Slow It Down – Sam Ness
The Wrong Side - The Mascot Theory
Untitled #18 / Jackson's Regret – No Name String Band
Write A Hit – The Jimmys

Video Of The Year

I Don't Wanna Be A Ghost – Sunspot
Static – Cyclops Cow
Stay – Kat and the Hurricane
The Wrong Side – The Mascot Theory

Female Vocalist

Beth Kille
Dana Perry
Lo Marie
Mackenzie Moore
Shawndell Marks

Male Vocalist

Jimmy Voegeli
Kyle Rightley
Mark Croft
Mike Huberty
Roscoe Foster
Sam Ness

Ensemble Vocals
Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
John Duggleby & Twila Jean
Kerosene Kites
The Mascot Theory

New Artist Of The Year

El Gatty
Midnite Rum Orchestra

Instrumentalist/Musician of the Year

Ben Jaeger
Chris Di Bernardo
Chris Wagoner
Joe Marsden
Kyle Rightley
Luke Hrovat-Staedter
Mackenzie Moore
Sam Ness
Shawndell Marks
Westside Andy Linderman

Performer of the Year

Beth Kille
Kat and the Hurricane
Kyle Rightley
Lo Marie
Mackenzie Moore
Natty Nation
Sam Ness
The Jimmys
The Mascot Theory

Artist Of The Year

Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets
Kat and the Hurricane
Lo Marie
Mackenzie Moore
Natty Nation
The Big Payback
The Mascot Theory