The MAMAs Increased Outreach to Latin Bands This Year

The MAMAs Increased Outreach to Latin Bands This Year

This year a total of 10 Latin bands registered for the Madison Area Music Awards. Many of you know that the Awards show is our signature event where we honor the musical accomplishments of area musicians of all genres, music teachers, and students.  The registration of these 10 Latin bands represent an increased level of outreach by the MAMAs to be more inclusive of all music genres. Juan Garcia of the MAMAs took it upon his shoulders to lead the effort and ensure that Latin bands know they are welcome and appreciated.

In previous years, Latin bands were included under the umbrella category of “World Music”. When Juan joined the MAMAs in 2017, he made it a goal to increase the participation of Latin bands in the Awards show. His efforts were very successful. A number of these bands attended our Finalists Party held at the Brink Lounge; where they were greeted by a good deal of media attention and pre-Award show interviews.

The Latin bands that registered to be a part of our voting process have contributed some great music to the Madison area.

Please take a look at the links below for more information:


Sofi Martinez






Terkos de la Sierra

Facebook: Terkos de la Sierra


Eli el Soñador


Grupo Candela

Facebook: Grupo Candela


Rey Cruz

Facebook: Rey Cruz




Grupo Septima Alianza

Facebook: Grupo Septima Alianza


Orquesta Salsoul del Mad

Facebook: Orquesta Salsoul del Mad


Rey y sus Diamantes

Facebook: Rey y Sus Diamantes


Edi Rey y su Salsera

Facebook: Edi Rey y Su Salsera


Orquesta Latin Pride

Facebook: Orquesta Latin Pride