2013 Winners


Alternative Album: Phox – Friendship
Alternative Performer: Sexy Ester
Alternative Song: Brandon Beebe – “Ghost”

Blues Album: The People Brothers Band – People Brothers Live
Blues Performer: The Jimmys
Blues Song: The People Brothers Band – “Looky Here Mister”

Classical Album: Scott Lamps – Kindred
Classical Performer: Joe Sokolinsky
Classical Song: Joe Sokolinsky – “Finale”

Country/Bluegrass Album: Beth Kille – Dust
Country/Bluegrass Performer: The Dang-Its
Country/Bluegrass Song: Beth Kille – “End of the Line”

Electronic Album: Echo Island – In Circles
Electronic Performer: Kicksville
Electronic Song: Granny Tranny Techno – “Who Blows Your Hair?”

Folk/Americana Album: Ida Jo – Uncharted
Folk/Americana Performer: – Ida Jo
Folk/Americana Song: Phox – “Evil”

Hard Rock/Punk Album: Baristacide – Baristacide (US Version)
Hard Rock/Punk Performer: Lords of the Trident
Hard Rock/Punk Song: 4 Aspirin Morning – “Goodbye to Good Intentions”

Hip-Hop Album: Duke Daeo – “Further Definitions”
Hip-Hop Performer: The Beat Chefs
Hip-Hop Song: Anthony Lamarr – “Elevation”

Jazz Album: Ladies Must Swing – Just For A Thrill
Jazz Performer: Ladies Must Swing
Jazz Song: Harmonious Wail – “Chanson Por Henri Live”

Pop/R&B Album: Phox – Unblushing
Pop/R&B Performer: The Lucas Cates Band
Pop/R&B Song: The Lucas Cates Band – “Good Folks”

Rock Album: The Family Business – Nightmares and Wildest Dreams
Rock Performer: The Family Business
Rock Song: – The Family Business – “Downhill”

Unique Album: The Gomers – Gomerica
Unique Performer: Anna Vogelzang
Unique Song: The Family Business – “Boogie Man”

World Album: The Reptile Palace Orchestra – Songs and Dances of Madisonia
World Performer: Natty Nation
World Song: The Reptile Palace Orchestra – “Sev Kardesim”


New Artist: Phox
Video Of The Year: Beth Kille – “I Can’t Love You Anymore”
Compilation Album: Cheddar Revolution Contributors – Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising
Cover Song: Sam Lyons – “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”


Bassist: Scott Lamps
Brass: Darren Sterud – The Jimmys
Drummer/Percussionist: Paul Kennedy – Sexy Ester
Guitarist: Louka Patinaude – The Fingers/The Optimistic
Keyboardist: Jimmy Voegeli – The Jimmys
Specialty Instrument: Geoff Brady (Theremin) – Yid Vicious
Strings: Ida Jo
Woodwinds: Pete Ross – The Jimmys
Ensemble Vocals: – The Whiskey Farm
Female Vocalist: Lyndsay Evans – Sexy Ester
Male Vocalist: Alec White – The Family Business


Cover Band Performer: The Gomers
DJ: Kayla Kush
Live Sound Engineer: Paul Heenan
Local Live Music Venue: High Noon Saloon
Local Music Fan: Sarah Warmke
Local Music Publication/Blog: Isthmus
Local Music Radio Personality: Gabby Parsons
Local Music Radio Station: 89.9 WORT
Local Recorded Music Store: Strictly Discs
Recording Studio: Blast House Studios
Studio Sound Engineer: Mike Zirkel


Youth Band – Thief & Rascal
Youth Female Vocalist: Jordan Foster – Autumn Underground
Youth Male Vocalist: Colin Callahan
Youth Album: Sam Lyons – The Light
Guitar: Autumn Underground – Breath
Keyboardist: Kiara Huemer
Woodwinds: Nathan Altmann
Specialty: Colin Callahan (Pro Tools)
Guitar: Gabe Burdullis
Drummer: Emma Witmer – Modern Mod
Brass: Jordan Foster – Autumn Underground
Bass: Adam Jordahl – Autumn Underground
1st Chair – February: Mikko Utevsky
1st Chair – March: Stephanie Brill
1st Chair – April: Brandon Whitish
1st Chair – May: Hannah Mrozak
1st Chair – June: Nicholas Mack
Launchpad Regional Winner: Mu
Launchpad Regional Winner: The Sleep Cyclists
Launchpad Regional Winner: The Daze
Launchpad Regional Winner: Boarder Line
Launchpad Regional Winner: Autumn Underground


Wish You Were Here (Non-Madison Residents) Album: Mikayla – Mikayla
Wish You Were Here (Non-Madison Residents) Song: The Dirty Wings – “Scott Walker, Motherfucker”