2011 Winners

Artist of the Year – Beth Kille
Michael St. John Lifetime Achievement Award – Pro Arte Quartet

Alternative Album – Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters – Hubba Hubba
Alternative Performer – Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters
Alternative Song – Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters – “Love Bubble”
Blues Album – Clovis Mann – Metamorphic
Blues Performer – Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo
Blues Song – Clovis Mann – “Blowin’ Up the Shack”
Classical Song – Toby Klusmeyer – “For All to See”
Classical Album – Toby Klusmeyer – Love’s Secret
Country/Bluegrass Album – The Mighty Short Bus – The Forever Endeavor
Country/Bluegrass Performer – The Eugene Smiles Project
Country/Bluegrass Song – The Eugene Smiles Project – ”Tennessee Whiskey”
Cover Song – Anna Vogelzang – “Bad Romance”
DJ Performer – Nick Nice
Electronic Album – The Projection People- The Projection People
Electronic Performer – The Projection People
Electronic Song – The Projection People – “Headlights”
Faith-Based Song – Anthony Lamarr – “My Tomorrow”
Folk/Americana Album – Jim Schwall – Short Stories
Folk/Americana Performer – Jim Schwall
Folk/Americana Song – The Mighty Short Bus – “Minnesota”
Hard Rock / Punk Album – Orphan Bloom – Orphan Bloom
Hard Rock / Punk Performer – Lords of the Trident
Hard Rock / Punk Song – Clovis Mann– “Drowning Man”
Hip-Hop Album – Star Persons – Supernova EP
Hip-Hop Performer – Star Persons
Hip Hop Song – Star Persons – “Supernova”
Jazz Album – Harmonious Wail – The Vegan Zombie’s Lament
Jazz Performer – Harmonious Wail
Jazz Song – Lucas Cates Band – “Crucial Tactics”
Pop/R&B Album – Lucas Cates Band – The Lucas Cates Band
Pop/R&B Performer – Lucas Cates Band
Pop/R&B Song – Lucas Cates Band – “Not the Right Catch”
Rock Album – Beth Kille – Ready
Rock Performer – The Mighty Short Bus
Rock Song – Beth Kille- “Big Bright Beautiful World”
Unique Album – Anna Vogelzang – Paper Boats
Unique Performer – Art Paul Schlosser
Unique Song – Natty Nation- “She Cries Dub (Suffice Dub)”
World Album – Natty Nation – Suffice Single
World Performer – Natty Nation
World Song – Natty Nation – “Suffice”


Cover Band of the Year – The Gomers
Ensemble Vocalist – Harmonious Wail
Instrumentalist – Bassist – Jah Boogie (Natty nation)
Instrumentalist – Brass – Phil Lyons (Primitive Culture)
Instrumentalist – Drummer/Percussionist – Jesse Warmka (Lucas Cates Band)
Instrumentalist – Guitarist – Lucas Cates
Instrumentalist – Keyboardist – Aaron Konkol (Natty Nation)
Instrumentalist – Strings – Julia McConahay
Instrumentalist – Specialty Instruments – Sims Delany Pothoff (Harmonious Wail) (Mandolin)
New Artist of the Year – Star Persons
Video of the Year – Zooniversity Music (“Teach Me How to Bucky”)
Vocalist of the Year – Female – Lyndsay Evans (Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters)
Vocalist of the Year – Male – Mark Croft
Wish You Were Here Album – Michael George Band – The Miracle
Wish You Were Here Song – Heather Jean Maywood – “Forever More”


Live Music Venue of the Year – High Noon Saloon
Live Sound Engineer of the Year – Mark Weber
Local Radio Personality of the Year – Gabby Parsons
Local Radio Station of the Year – 89.9 WORT
Local Music Publication/Blog of the Year – Isthmus
Local Record Music Store of the Year – B-Side Records
Recording Studio of the Year – Paradyme Productions
Recording Studio Engineer of the Year – Mike Zirkel
Local Music Fan of the Year – Sarah Warmke


Youth Album – Kati May – Behind Blue Eyes
Youth Instrumentalist – Colin Callahan
Youth Song – Sam Lyons – “Some Day”
Youth Female Vocalist – Kati May
Youth Male Vocalist – Colin Callahan
Youth Ensemble – Stoughton High School Choir


Student of the Year – Ariela Bohrod
Teacher of the Year – Michael Korth
Meritorious Achievement Award – Katy Kavanagh


Madison Regional Finalist – Stereocolor
Madison Regional Finalist -Moon Jelly
Madison Regional Finalist -Sleeping in the Stereo
Song – Sam Lyons – “Some Day”
Band – Sleeping in the Stereo
Soloist – Sheridan Hearn