2010 Winners

Artist of the Year – Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo
Michael St. John Lifetime Achievement Award – Jim Fleming


Alternative Album – El Valiente – Daceton
Alternative Song – Letter 8 – “Habit”
Blues Album – Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo – It Ain’t Easy
Blues Performer – Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo
Blues Song – Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo – “Drinking Blues”
Classical Album – Scott Lamps – Evensong
Classical Song – Scott Lamps – ”Evensong”
Country/Bluegrass Album – Madison County – Enjoy the Ride
Country/Bluegrass Performer – The Rowdy Prairie Dogs
Country/Bluegrass Song – Ryan Casey – ”Please Don’t Go”
DJ Performer – DJ Fusion
Electronic Album – The Cemetery Improvement Society – Lonely Dog Island
Electronic Performer – The Cemetery Improvement Society
Electronic Song – The Cemetery Improvement Society – “Sixth Severance “
Folk/Americana Album – Beth Kille – Beautiful Beast
Folk/Americana Performer – Beth Kille
Folk/Americana Song – Beth Kille – “I Can’t Love You Anymore”
Hard Rock / Punk Album – Helliphant – Powdered Tusk
Hard Rock / Punk Performer – The Motor Primitives
Hard Rock / Punk Song – Cactus Joe & the Guppy Effect – “Porn Star Hot”
Jazz Album – Mama Digdown’s Brass Band – We Make ‘Em Say Ooh
Jazz Performer – Harmonious Wail
Jazz Song – Harmonious Wail – “The Vegan Zombie’s Lament”
Pop Album – Mark Croft – The Possibility of Disaster
Pop Performer – Mark Croft
Pop Song – Mark Croft – “Mama Don’t Come Around”
Rock Album – Sunspot – Singularity
Rock Performer – The Lucas Cates Band
Rock Song – Sunspot – “No Place Like Home”
Unique Album – Zombeatles – Meat the Zombeatles
Unique Performer – Art Paul Schlosser
Unique Song – The Gomers – “Alien vs. Predator”
Urban/R&B Album – dumate – We Have the Technology
Urban/R&B Performer – The L.O.S.T.S.O.U.L.S.
Urban/R&B Song – Mike Droho & the Compass Rose – “Shame on You”
World Album – Primitive Culture – Fantasy
World Performer – Natty Nation
World Song – Harmonious Wail – “Legavulin Bay”


Compilation Album – Union Cab Presents: Rearview Visionaries v2.0
Cover Band of the Year – The Blue Olives
Ensemble Vocalist – The Blue Olives
Instrumentalist – Bassist – Gordon Ranney (The Gomers)
Instrumentalist – Brass – Phil Lyons (Primitive Culture)
Instrumentalist – Drummer/Percussionist – Eric Shackelford (Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo)
Instrumentalist – Guitarist – John Masino
Instrumentalist – Keyboardist – Jimmy Voegeli
Instrumentalist – Strings – Biff Blumfumgagnge (The Gomers)
Instrumentalist – Specialty Instruments – Sims Delany Pothoff (Harmonious Wail) (Mandolin)
Instrumentalist – Woodwind – Bob Corbit (Primitive Culture)
New Artist of the Year – Whitney Mann
Video of the Year – Mark Croft (“Don’t Speak”)
Vocalist of the Year – Female – Beth Kille
Vocalist of the Year – Male – Mark Croft
Wish You Were Here Award – Bi-Polar Bear


Live Music Venue of the Year – High Noon Saloon
Live Sound Engineer of the Year – Lonya Nenashev
Local Radio Personality of the Year – Rockin’ John McDonald
Local Radio Station of the Year – 89.9 WORT
Local Record Music Store of the Year – B-Side Records
Recording Studio of the Year – Smart Studios
Recording Studio Engineer of the Year – Mike Zirkel


Youth Performer – Alice Huang
Youth Ensemble – Stoughton High School Choir


Student of the Year – Greg Riss (Oregon High School)
Teacher of the Year – Tom Mielke and Brad Schneider (Midleton High School)
Meritorious Achievement Award – Donny Neufuss and Madison County


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