2019 Finalists Announced!

Here are your 2019 Finalists!


Alternative SongAmbulance – Wurk
Alternative SongDog Years – Zeroed Hero
Alternative SongForgiveness (Live from Bangkok) – Sam Ness
Alternative SongTangled – BingBong
Blues SongFew Things in Life Are Sure – Jackie Bradley
Blues SongFlash Flood – Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Blues SongShow Me – Kelsey Miles
Blues SongTake Me Home – Blythe Gamble and the Rollin’ Dice
Classical SongStream of Consciousness – Kaia Kalise
Country/Bluegrass SongGrandpa’s Tattoos – Driveway Thriftdwellers
Country/Bluegrass SongI’m No Good – The Mascot Theory
Country/Bluegrass SongMany Years – BingBong
Country/Bluegrass SongPlease Forgive Me Darlin’ – Tent Show Troubadours
Electronic SongElon Musk – ZVBO
Electronic SongGhost Party – DEVL
Electronic SongImpulsilation – Cyclops Cow
Electronic SongSaddle Mountain – John Hitchcock
Folk/Americana SongAmerica (Oh Say Can You See) – Robert J.
Folk/Americana SongArtemis – The North Code
Folk/Americana SongIV – The Mascot Theory
Folk/Americana SongOur Little Town – Harmonious Wail
Folk/Americana SongShine – Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Hard Rock/Punk SongBittersweet Lullaby – Morningstar
Hard Rock/Punk SongCheap Beer – Big Bills
Hard Rock/Punk SongNot Your Baby – Mackenzie Moore
Hard Rock/Punk SongSugar & Spice – BingBong
Hip-Hop SongBad Boy – Shaun Vyse
Hip-Hop SongNew Religion – Kilo aka SkitL’z
Hip-Hop SongParade From Paradise (A Golden Ouroboros) – Em-See-Emotion
Hip-Hop SongThe Monsta Remix featuring Rob Dz – The Mascot Theory
Jazz SongCrunch – Wurk
Jazz SongEmbraceable You – Carolynn Schwartz Black
Jazz SongPress Briefing – Johannes Wallmann
Jazz SongWhat The World Needs Now – Harmonious Wail
Latin SongAmor O Placer – Yizas y Galan
Latin SongDuelale o no – Maury Martin
Latin SongLa Caderona – La S?ptima Alianza
Latin SongUn Mundo Mejor – Angela Puerta
Pop/R&B SongChoreographed – Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Pop/R&B SongDealin’ with the Devil – Wurk
Pop/R&B SongGet Up – The Mascot Theory
Pop/R&B SongWound Up Tight – BingBong
Rock SongAwakened – The Mascot Theory
Rock SongLean – Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Rock SongMannequin – Mackenzie Moore
Rock SongThe Only Faith – Sunspot
Unique SongCuts Of The Heart – BingBong
Unique SongGhost Light – Jackie Bradley
Unique SongMelting Crayons – Cyclops Cow
Unique SongThe Great Alone – Dana Perry
World SongBayan Ko – Leslie Damaso
World SongEcstasy of Gold – Dub Foundation
World SongStar House-Set’tainte Song – John Hitchcock
World SongTreat Me Softly – Angela Puerta


Alternative AlbumBees of the Invisible – Gentle Brontosaurus
Alternative AlbumIce Cream for Breakfast – Woodrow
Alternative AlbumPrivate Bits – Vibrationland
Alternative AlbumVeins – EP – Mackenzie Moore
Blues AlbumMayhem – Mickey Magnum
Blues AlbumReal For The Deal – Blythe Gamble and the Rollin’ Dice
Blues AlbumThe E,P. – The Rascal Theory
Compilation AlbumCheddaREvolution: Songs of Resurgence – Sybil Augustine and Fred Schepartz
Compilation AlbumWisconsin Vinyl Collective: Volume Two – The Mascot Theory
Country/Bluegrass AlbumDriveway Thriftdwellers – Driveway Thriftdwellers
Country/Bluegrass AlbumHard to Tell – Chloe Louise
Country/Bluegrass AlbumLight of Day / Dark of Night – Pat Ferguson
Folk/Americana AlbumLean – Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Folk/Americana AlbumRainbows and Empty Roads – Linn Jennings
Folk/Americana AlbumReclamation – Dana Perry
Folk/Americana AlbumThe North Code EP – The North Code
Hard Rock/Punk AlbumBig Bills – Big Bills
Hard Rock/Punk AlbumThe Wonders of the Invisible World – Sunspot
Hard Rock/Punk AlbumWorkface – Sky Urchin
Hip-Hop AlbumBad Boy – Shaun Vyse
Hip-Hop AlbumParadise Loss – EM-SEE-EMOTION
Jazz AlbumDay and Night – Johannes Wallmann
Jazz AlbumHoliday Spirits – Harmonious Wail
Jazz AlbumNice Work If You Can Get It: My Gershwin Album – Carolynn Schwartz Black
Jazz AlbumReturn of the Gadjo – The Gadjo Players
Pop/R&B AlbumGrace EP – Grace Gladem
Pop/R&B AlbumHalf Lives – Kaia Kalise
Pop/R&B AlbumLate Harvest EP – Bosky Point
Pop/R&B AlbumThe Detroit Sessions – Sam Lyons
Rock AlbumNevermind The Acorns – The Flavor That Kills
Rock AlbumThe Devil’s Wurk – Wurk
Rock AlbumUnder The Sun – Travis Agnew
Rock AlbumWumbology – Magic Conch
Early Winners
Electronic AlbumGhost Party – DEVL
Unique AlbumThe Good The Bad and The Dubby – Dub Foundation
Wish You Were Here AlbumNot As Cool As I Thought I Was – The First Rule
World AlbumMay Laya – Leslie Damaso


Alternative PerformerKaren Wheelock
Alternative PerformerSam Ness
Alternative PerformerThe North Code
Alternative PerformerWoodrow
Blues PerformerBlythe Gamble
Blues PerformerKelsey Miles
Blues PerformerMickey Magnum
Blues PerformerThe Rascal Theory
Country/Bluegrass PerformerKirstie Kraus
Country/Bluegrass PerformerOld Farm Dog
Country/Bluegrass PerformerRailHopper
Country/Bluegrass PerformerSortin the Mail
Folk/Americana PerformerDana Perry
Folk/Americana PerformerGin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Folk/Americana PerformerThe Lower 5th
Folk/Americana PerformerThe Mascot Theory
Hard Rock/Punk PerformerCats On Leashes
Hard Rock/Punk PerformerHelp Desk
Hard Rock/Punk PerformerMorningstar
Hard Rock/Punk PerformerSky Urchin
Hip-Hop PerformerKilo aka SkitL’z
Hip-Hop PerformerWillie Wright
Jazz PerformerCarolynn Schwartz Black
Jazz PerformerLo Marie
Jazz PerformerRare Element
Jazz PerformerWurk
Latin PerformerAngela Puerta
Latin PerformerLa Séptima Alianza
Latin PerformerMaury Martin
Latin PerformerYizas y Galan
Pop/R&B PerformerAudio Farm
Pop/R&B PerformerKaia Kalise
Pop/R&B PerformerThe Big Payback
Pop/R&B PerformerThe People Brothers Band
Rock PerformerBingBong
Rock PerformerJohn Masino
Rock PerformerSunspot
Rock PerformerThe Fancy Pears
Unique PerformerAllison Lenz
Unique PerformerGrace Gladem
Unique PerformerHannah Edl?n
Unique PerformerTravis Agnew
World PerformerAngela Puerta
World PerformerLeslie Damaso
World PerformerNate Meng and The Stolen Sea
Early Winners
Children’s PerformerDavid Landau
Classical PerformerWes Luke
Hall of Fame
World PerformerNatty Nation
Hard Rock/Punk PerformerLords of the Trident
Blues PerformerThe Jimmys


AccordionElizabeth Fleig
AccordionFrandu Smith
AccordionMolly Sorenson
AccordionNate Meng
BANJOAndrew  Christensen
BANJOChris Gruber
BANJOMatt Amati
BRASS – BARITONEAnneliese Valdes
Brass – French HornAnne Aley
Brass – French HornJohn Wunderlin
Brass – French HornPaul Litterio
Brass – French HornSarah Gillespie
Brass – TromboneCourtney Larsen
Brass – TromboneJamie Kember
Brass – TromboneKyle Rightley
Brass – TromboneMark Hetzler
Brass – TrumpetBecky Lipsitz
Brass – TrumpetCarmello Saez III
Brass – TrumpetDan Cross
Brass – TrumpetJessica Jensen
Brass – TubaMike Forbes
Brass – TubaPat Doty
Brass – TubaScott Elsner
Brass – TubaTom Curry
Drum KitJenna Joanis
Drum KitJoey B. Banks
Drum KitMauro Magellan
Drum KitWendy Lynn Staats
Guitar – AcousticDana Perry
Guitar – AcousticGreg Thornburg
Guitar – AcousticKelsey Miles
Guitar – AcousticSam Lyons
Guitar – BassAnnelies Howell
Guitar – BassJAH Boogie
Guitar – BassJulie Kiland
Guitar – BassPete Olig
Guitar – ElectricBeau Osland
Guitar – ElectricJohn Masino
Guitar – ElectricLouka Patenaude
Guitar – ElectricVince Jesse
GUITAR – Pedal SteelRick Nass
GUITAR – Pedal SteelRyan Knudson
HarmonicaAndy Linderman
HarmonicaKen Olufs
HarmonicaRobert J.
HarmonicaTony Dipofi
KEYBOARD – OrganJimmy Voegeli
KEYBOARD – OrganPeter Baggenstoss
KEYBOARD – OrganRusty Lee
KEYBOARD – OrganTodd Phipps
Keyboard – PianoDave Adler
Keyboard – PianoHannah Busse
Keyboard – PianoMichael Massey
Keyboard – PianoShawndell Marks
Keyboard – SynthesizersAaron Konkol
Keyboard – SynthesizersDave Stoler
Keyboard – SynthesizersNoah Gilfillan
Keyboard – SynthesizersRyley Buchanan
MandolinChris Wagoner
MandolinLonesome Willie Jones
MandolinSheila Shigley
MandolinSims Delaney-Pothoff
PercussionJames “Pie” Cowan
PercussionMaggie Delaney-Potthoff
PercussionPauli Ryan
PercussionRoberto Rengel
Specialty InstrumentAmber Swenor
Specialty InstrumentLyndsay Evans
Specialty InstrumentSam Ness
Strings – BassJeff Weiss
Strings – BassJohn Christensen
Strings – BassJohn Mesoloras
Strings – BassNick Fry
STRINGS – CelloAllison Lenz
STRINGS – CelloBrady Bachmann
STRINGS – CelloMary Gaines
Strings – ViolinAmber Dolphin
Strings – ViolinBif Blumfumgagnge
Strings – ViolinJohn Vriesacker
Strings – ViolinRin Ribble
Turntables/DecksCorey Whitmore
Turntables/DecksDexter Patterson
Turntables/DecksDJ Pain One
Turntables/DecksMartinez White
WOODWINDS – ClarinetHannah  Edlén
WOODWINDS – FluteJessie Mitchell
Woodwinds – SaxAl Falaschi
Woodwinds – SaxEric Koppa
Woodwinds – SaxPete Ross
Woodwinds – SaxTony Barba
Early Winner
STRINGS – HarpMatt DeBlass
Hall of Fame
Jimmy VoegeliPiano


Artist Of The YearGin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Artist Of The YearThe Jimmys
Artist Of The YearThe Mascot Theory
Artist Of The YearWurk
Best Packaging of the YearAutumn’s Empire – Tent Show Troubadours
Best Packaging of the YearDawn and What Comes After – The Mascot Theory
Best Packaging of the YearLast Pedal on the Right
Best Packaging of the YearThe Gadjo Players
Cover Band Performer of the YearFoo Foo Dolls
Cover Band Performer of the YearGold Dust Women
Cover Band Performer of the YearSteely Dane
Cover Band Performer of the YearVO5
Cover SongA Change is Gonna Come – Peg Algar
Cover SongBillie Jean – Grace Gladem
Cover SongThe Thrill Is Gone – Blythe Gamble and the Rollin’ Dice
Cover SongWhat The World Needs Now – Harmonious Wail
DJ of the YearCooper Talbot
DJ of the YearDJ Kayla Kush
DJ of the YearNick Nice
DJ of the YearThe Real Jaguar
Ensemble VocalsGin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Ensemble VocalsPeople Brothers Band
Ensemble VocalsThe Mascot Theory
Ensemble VocalsWheelhouse
Female VocalistCarolynn Schwartz Black
Female VocalistDana Perry
Female VocalistLo Marie
Female VocalistMolly Fish
Live Sound EngineerBuzz Kemper
Live Sound EngineerJohn Masino
Live Sound EngineerJon Chvojicek
Live Sound EngineerSteve Litscher
Local Live Music VenueBos Meadery
Local Live Music VenueHigh Noon Saloon
Local Live Music VenueMajestic Theatre
Local Live Music VenueNorth Street Cabaret
Local Music Fan of the YearCharly Rowe
Local Music Fan of the YearDeb Guisleman
Local Music Fan of the YearMark Ellis
Local Music Fan of the YearRokker
Local Music Radio PersonalityCooper Talbot
Local Music Radio PersonalityJimmy K
Local Music Radio PersonalityJonathan and Kitty
Local Music Radio PersonalityTeri Barr
Local Music Radio StationMaxInk Radio
Local Music Radio StationTriple M 105.5 FM
Local Music Radio StationWORT 89.9
Local Music Radio StationWSUM 91.7 FM
Local Recorded Music StoreB Side Records
Local Recorded Music StoreMadCity Music
Local Recorded Music StoreStrictly Discs
Local Recorded Music StoreSugar Shack
Male VocalistErik Kjelland
Male VocalistJimmy Voegeli
Male VocalistSam Ness
Male VocalistXander Anim
New ArtistAudio Farm
New ArtistGrace Gladem
New ArtistMaddy Vae
New ArtistZeroed Hero
Photographer of the YearAlyssa Davidson
Photographer of the YearJames Pedersen
Photographer of the YearJohn Urban
Photographer of the YearM.O.D. Media Productions
Producer of the YearBeth Kille
Producer of the YearBuzz Kemper
Producer of the YearJake Johnson
Producer of the YearNate Meng
Recording StudioAudio for the Arts
Recording StudioBlast House Studios
Recording StudioDNA Studios
Recording StudioParadyme Productions
Roadie of the YearGerman Joseph Schrock
Roadie of the YearMaggie Poff
Roadie of the YearRoadie
Roadie of the YearTom Clark
Studio Sound EngineerBeth Kille
Studio Sound EngineerJake Johnson
Studio Sound EngineerLandon Arkens
Studio Sound EngineerDustin Sisson
Video Of The YearForgiveness (Live from Bangkok) – Sam Ness
Video Of The YearIV – The Mascot Theory
Video Of The YearUn Mundo Mejor – Angela Puerta
Video Of The YearYour Light – Karen Wheelock
Hall of Fame
Local Cover BandThe Gomers
Local Live Sound EngineerLonya Nenashev
Local Music FanSarah Warmke
Radio PersonalityGabby Parsons
Studio EngineerMike Zirkel