2016 Winners



Artist of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Broadjam Lifetime Achievement Award: Jonathan and Susan Lipp of Full Compass

Musicnotes Musical Career Recognition Award: Chris Wagoner and Mary Gaines




Heid Music Student of the Year: Robert Rockman (Homeschooled)

Heid Music Teacher of the Year: Shauncey Ali (Madfiddle & Highway 51)



Alternative Album of the Year: In Your Bones – Meghan Rose and the Bones

Alternative Performer of the Year: German Art Students

Alternative Song of the Year: “Can’t Stay” – Meghan Rose and The Bones


Blues Album of the Year: Hot Dish – The Jimmys

Blues Performer of the Year: The Jimmys

Blues Song of the Year: “Lose That Woman” – The Jimmys


Children’s Performer of the Year: David Landau

Children’s Song of the Year: “Zero to Hero” – The Sclosser-Kammer Project


Classical Album of the Year: Dance of the Plants – Graminy

Classical Performer of the Year: Jeff Weiss

Classical Song of the Year: “Song for Kacy” – Graminy


Country Album of the Year: Meanwhile…Back at the Ranch – Wheelhouse

Country Performer of the Year: Wheelhouse

Country Song of the Year: “Ol’ #7” – Wheelhouse


Electronic Album of the Year: Experimental EP – Joey Broyles

Electronic Performer of the Year: Joey Broyles

Electronic Song of the Year: “Super Psycho Stars” – Joey Broyles


Folk/Americana Album of the Year: Esperanto – The Mascot Theory

Folk/Americana Performer of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Folk/Americana Song of the Year: “First Summer Breeze” – The Mascot Theory


Hard Rock/Punk Album of the Year: Just Try it On  – Venus in Furs

Hard Rock/Punk Performer of the Year: Venus in Furs

Hard Rock/Punk Song of the Year: “Messiah Complex” – Sunspot


Hip-Hop Performer of the Year: Dogs of War

Hip-Hop Song of the Year: “Breathe” (feat. D.L.O. the Iceman, Smokes, & Clifton Beefy) – Anthony Lamarr


Jazz Album of the Year: Toxic Consequence – Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps

Jazz Performer of the Year: The Big Payback

Jazz Song of the Year: “Settle for the Best” – Kaia Kalise


Pop/R&B Album of the Year: Liminal – Madison Malone

Pop/R&B Performer of the Year: Madison Malone

Pop/R&B Song of the Year: “Light” – Anthony Lamarr


Rock Album of the Year: Weirdest Hits – Sunspot

Rock Performer of the Year: Meghan Rose and the Bones

Rock Song of the Year: “Suburban Summer Shine” – The Getaway Drivers


Unique Album of the Year: Dance Originality – VO5

Unique Performer of the Year: Cribshitter

Unique Song of the Year: “I Like Your Hat” – Eddie Ate Dynamite


World Album of the Year: Dub Foundation Meets Captain Smooth – Dub Foundation

World Performer of the Year: Natty Nation

World Song of the Year: “Two Things” – The Earthlings



Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Trap Saturn

New Artist of the Year: Trap Saturn

Cover Song of the Year: “Cocaine” – Cribshitter

Video of the Year: Boys Don’t Do That – Joey Broyles

Female Vocalist of the Year: Meghan Rose

Male Vocalist of the Year: Erik Kjelland

Ensemble Vocals of the Year: The Mascot Theory

Bassist of the Year: Gordon Ranney (Gomers/VO5/Steely Dane/Prog)

Brass Instrumentalist of the Year: Jamie Kember (The Big Payback)

Drummer/Percussionist of the Year: Wendy Lynn Staats (Sunspot)

Guitarist of the Year: Gabe Burdulis

Keyboardist of the Year: Jimmy Voegeli (The Jimmys)

Specialty Instrumentalist of the Year: Anna Vogelzang (Banjo)

Strings Instrumentalist of the Year: Biff Blumfumgagnge (Gomers/Kicksville)

Woodwinds Instrumentalist of the Year: Pete Ross (The Jimmys)



Cover Band of the Year: Gold Dust Women

DJ of the Year: Kayla Kush

Live Sound Engineer of the Year: Lonya Nenashev

Local Live Music Venue of the Year: High Noon Saloon

Local Music Fan of the Year: Sarah Warmke
Local Music Publication/Blog of the Year: Maximum Ink
Local Music Radio Personality of the Year: Gabby Parsons
Local Music Radio Station of the Year: WORT 89.9 FM
Local Recorded Music Store of the Year:  Strictly Discs
CD or Vinyl Packaging of the Year: The Mascot Theory
Photographer of the Year: James Pederson
Producer of the Year: Beth Kille
Recording Studio of the Year: Blast House Studios
Roadie of the Year: Alejandro Velazquez
Studio Sound Engineer of the Year: Mike Zirkel



Youth Brass Instrumentalist: Joseph Rockman, Sun Prairie High School

Youth Woodwind Instrumentalist: Silas Jordan, Columbus High School

Youth String Instrumentalist: Jimmy Chen, Kromery Middle School

Youth Keyboard Instrumentalist: – James Forman, Waterloo High School

Youth Guitarist:  Raine Stern

Youth Drums/Percussion: Galen Austin – Take the King

Youth Male Vocalist:  Nathan Hanna, Marshall, High School

Youth Female Vocalist: Chloe Flesch, Lodi High School

Youth Band/Ensemble of the Year: Take the King

Youth Song of the Year:  Raine Stern – Perspecitve

Youth Album of the Year: Take the King – Take the King