How to register your band/group for the MAMAs

Are you a fan who wants to register? Skip to the next section below.

We know registering yourself/your band for the MAMA Awards can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve created this step by step information to help. We suggest you get the following things in order for yourself/your band before you begin the process:

  • MP3s of your music
  • Pictures and/or band logos in jpeg format
  • A credit card or your paypal account information to pay the $5 registration fee

It may also help you to know that is the company that generously volunteers its services to help the MAMA Awards with the voting process, so you will be directed to the Broadjam website in the process of registering.

Okay, take a deep breath. Here we go!

  • Click on Awards Registration in the top menu bar. You may want to open this link in a new tab to keep these instructions up while you register. To have the registration appear in a new window automatically, click this link.
  • Click on the “Register now” button under “Who can register?” This will take you to a page where you can either log in with your membership (if you’re already registered in the past) OR you can click on “Artist Membership & Registration” to set up a new account. Fill out the information requested, pay your $5 membership either with a credit card or paypal by following the prompts. When you reach the page that says “Submission Complete” click “Continue.” You may see a pop-up window for “Contest News” – you can simply select “Close this Window”
  • On the next page that appears, click the link “Upload your songs, videos, photos, etc. to Broadjam”
  • You should now be on the Broadjam website, logged in under your account. Now it’s time to fancy-up your account by adding information on your profile, such as pictures, mp3s etc. This way, once public voting opens, voters can listen to your music and see photos of you/your band. To do so, click on “my account” on the blue section in far upper right hand corner of the page and select “My Artist info.” Fill out as much or as little info as you like on these pages and submit your information.
  • To UPLOAD SONGS: on the left hand side of the broadjam page, you will see a list of items, starting with “Music-licensing,” “6-pack competition” etc. Further down the list you can click on “Songs” and a menu will appear to the right . Click on the “add/edit songs” option. Here is where the mp3s we suggested you have prepared come in handy! Under the “Upload A New Song” section, you can chose the mp3 file, enter the song name and genre. If this song is part of an entire album of songs you want to upload, make sure you click on the “add this song to album” option and enter the album info. and then click ‘Upload file.”
  • This will take you to a new page where you can enter all the “metadata” for your song. You can chose to enter as much or little information as you like here. When you’ve completed this form to your satisfaction, click submit at the bottom. Now you will be taken back to the page where you can upload a new song again. You’ll see the song you just entered under the “My Songs” section halfway down the page.
  • to UPLOAD PICTURES: click on the “Photos” option on the menu on the right side, and select add/edit my photos. If you want to add video, click on the “Videos” option…..You can go through all the menu items on the right hand side and enter as much or as little information as you wish. Keep in mind, voters who don’t know you and want to know if they should vote for you will want to hear your music and learn more about you!
  • Now that you’ve uploaded your songs and photos, you can enter yourself into specific categories for award consideration. Go back to and click on Awards Registration. This will bring you back to the Broadjam MAMAs page. You should still be logged in, but if you are not, re-login. This will take you a page where you can now select “Artists: Submit to Award Categories (after all materials are uploaded to Broadjam)”
  • Now, you should see a page where you can select the different categories of awards you’d like to be considered for. For example, if you go to the “Song of the Year” category and click on the arrows on the right side of the box beneath, you can select from the songs you’ve uploaded. Once you select a song, the genres will appear to the right. Select the genre you wish. At the bottom of the list of genres you’ll see a button that says “add to registration.” Select that button and continue registering for all the categories you wish. When you are done with ALL your categories, click “finish my registration” the click “submit”

Congrats! You’ve registered for the MAMAs! Now, be sure to tell all your friends/family/fans that you’re in the running so they know to vote for you.

How to register as a fan for the MAMAs

  • Under “Awards Registration” on the top bar, you’ll see “Fan Registration” in the dropdown menu. Click the link. You may want to open this link in a new tab to keep these instructions up while you register. To have the registration appear in a new window automatically, click this link.
  • If you have voted in the MAMAs before, click on the first link that appears. (i.e. “If you are already a member of Broadjam, or have previously been a member of the MAMAs, click here). If not, fill out the information to create a Broadjam account.
  • Hit submit, and enter your payment information.