Happy New Year 2016 – Sign up ASAP!


2016 is here! And according to the movies of the 1980s, we’re all supposed to have jet packs, flying cars, and Star Trek-style food replicators. Personally, I’m still waiting for my jet pack.

One thing that can’t be replicated is a good music education. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of Madison schools and music education programs that will be faced with an even smaller budget in 2016. That’s where the MAMAs come in.

Every dollar raised by the MAMAs goes right back to the community in the form of instruments and support for local music education programs. When you register your band for the MAMAs, you’re helping to buy a violin, or trumpet, or maybe even a rockin’ 72-piece drumset (for Neil Peart’s son, perhaps?).

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to register for the MAMA Awards today! Band, artist, or fan – all registrations are currently open!

If you haven’t registered yet, do so now!
Click here for instructions on how to register!
Registration closes on January 29th, 2016!

Madison is creating new music all the time! Do you have friends who have started a new band or musical project? Encourage them to sign up for the MAMAs!

Breakthrough Artist Contest Open!

If you’re a newer band on the Madison scene, consider signing up for the Breakthrough Artist Competition! Winners receive a performance spot at the 2016 MAMAs awards show, along with tons of other prizes!

The mission of the Madison Area Music Association is to help create music education opportunities for kids and support the Madison music community. A little over a year ago I had a thought about how we could support our local music scene – specifically,  assisting new artists get a good start on their music careers. The focus is on the up and coming artists that have already taken their first steps into the music industry [learning how to play music and sing as well as write original music and performing on stage].  Many of these artists were asking the same question: “What do we do next?”  That’s when the Breakthrough Artist Competition started to take shape.

The competition was created to help these new artists (solo performers and bands, in all genres of music) answer that question.  Its purpose is to guide these artists as they create successful, independent, small businesses and grow them into larger businesses. The judging criteria is set to address all aspects of working and performing in the music industry.  Simple items such as showing up on time, social media use, having merchandise to sell – all the little things that when combined properly can help artists be successful.  The competition was not set up to simply hand over a successful business – it was set up to educate artists and provide the tools they would need to take the next step.

The prize packages are also set up to specifically provide elements to help make the next step more successful. They include marketing assistance, professional recording/studio time, music licensing packages, a professional photo shoot, the opportunity to play at the Madison Area Music Awards show at the Overture Center … and more.  Everything a new artist will need to present their music in a professional manner.
So to answer the question – “What do we do next?”  My advice is to enter this competition. Take it seriously. Take advantage of a really amazing opportunity. Go all in and show the world that you are the next Breakthrough Artist of the Year!  – Mary Sweeney, event founder

Click here for more info, and to sign up!

For more information about MAMA, please visit www.themamas.org.  For breaking news, exclusive content and event updates please follow @themamas on Twitter, like the “madisonareamusicassociation” on Facebook, and check in at MAMA events on Foursquare.