2017 Finalists Announced!

Here are your finalists for the 2017 MAMA Awards! Final round voting is open, so VOTE NOW for your favorites!

Alternative Song Auto Pilot  –  Imaginary Watermelon
Alternative Song Dormant  –  Madison Malone
Alternative Song Head and Heart  –  Jackie Bradley
Alternative Song Sparta  –  Shawndell Marks
Blues Song Bottle & Suitcase  –  The Getaway Drivers
Blues Song Enough is Enough  –  Jackie Bradley
Blues Song I Wonder, from “Live from Transylvania…”  –  The Jimmys
Blues Song When the Dam Comes Down  –  Driveway Thriftdwellers
Children’s Song Dark Moon  –  Mauro Magellan
Children’s Song Grand Canyon  –  Tony Bonanno
Children’s Song It’s a Text Message From Your Mom  –  Art Paul Schlosser
Children’s Song Meet me At the Watering Hole  –  John Duggleby
Classical Song River  –  Captain Smooth
Classical Song Sandur  –  Null Device
Classical Song The Tides  –  Kaia Kalise
Country/Bluegrass Song Drifter  –  J. Hardin
Country/Bluegrass Song Smoke and Ashes  –  Jackie Bradley
Country/Bluegrass Song The Blackbird  –  Greg Thornburg
Country/Bluegrass Song Your Eyes Give You Away  –  The Mascot Theory
Electronic Song ChaChaCha  –  Oh My Love
Electronic Song Kiss Me  –  Beau Osland
Electronic Song Rod Serling  –  Captain Smooth
Electronic Song The Enticement  –  Lo Marie & 1nvisibleman
Folk/Americana Song Digital Tears  –  Lost Lakes
Folk/Americana Song Hiker  –  Anna Vogelzang
Folk/Americana Song The Great Divide  –  The Mascot Theory
Folk/Americana Song The Shit in My Pockets  –  Dana Perry
Hard Rock/Punk Song Boss Level  –  Help Desk
Hard Rock/Punk Song Life is Torture  –  Art Paul Schlosser
Hard Rock/Punk Song Warning  –  The First Rule
Hip Hop Song Plane As I’s Can Sea  –  Captain Smooth
Hip Hop Song Quick Question  –  The Starfoxx Project
Hip Hop Song Service (feat. D.L.O. the Iceman, Smokes, Clifton Beefy)  –  Anthony Lamarr
Jazz Song As the Fountain Played  –  Smith and Jackson
Jazz Song Being  –  Anthony Lamarr
Jazz Song Our Little Town  –  Harmonious Wail
Jazz Song We’re Getting Older  –  VO5
Pop/R&B Song Aurora  –  VO5
Pop/R&B Song Down  –  Sam Lyons
Pop/R&B Song Power to Let Go  –  The Big Payback
Pop/R&B Song Restless  –  Shawndell Marks
Rock Song Best Is Yet To Come  –  The Mascot Theory
Rock Song Electric Sleep  –  The Gomers
Rock Song Gossip  –  Joey Broyles
Rock Song How Do You Know  –  The Fauxtons
Rock Song Running with the Fire  –  The Big Payback
Unique Song 5th Dimension Dub  –  Natty Nation
Unique Song Bear  –  Anna Vogelzang
Unique Song Heart Afire  –  Shawndell Marks
Unique Song I’m Not Merry Homemaker No More  –  Jackie Bradley
World Song Divine Spark  –  Natty Nation
World Song Jakumaba  –  Immigre
World Song Pajaro en libertad  –  Los Chechos
World Song Simba  –  Dub Foundation
Alternative Album Bloom – Madison Malone
Alternative Album Photoelectric – The Begowatts
Alternative Album Soup Girl – Laundry
Alternative Album Start The Fire – The Apollo Affair
Blues Album Live from Transylvania, at Sighisoara Blues Festival – The Jimmys
Blues Album The Sound Garden Project – Tony Kannen
Blues Album Tin Can Diamonds – Tin Can Diamonds
Blues Album Wings – The Rascal Theory (trt)
Country/Bluegrass Album Cutover Country – Driveway Thriftdwellers
Country/Bluegrass Album The Piasa Bird – J. Hardin
Electronic Album Ghosts & Bubblegum – Oh My Love
Electronic Album Lucky Superstar – Joey Broyles
Electronic Album Space-Hop Vol I – Captain Smooth
Electronic Album While You Were Otherwise Engaged – Null Device
Folk/Americana Album Hiker – Anna Vogelzang
Folk/Americana Album Holding On – Josh Harty
Folk/Americana Album Me and Lady G – Dana Perry
Folk/Americana Album Trust And Bones – The Mascot Theory
Hard Rock/Punk Album Reboot and Rally – Help Desk
Jazz Album Animal Brain – The Big Payback
Jazz Album Holiday Spirits – Harmonious Wail
Jazz Album Minor Anthems – Major Vistas
Pop/R&B Album Broken Dam – Shawndell Marks
Pop/R&B Album Everything Under the Rainbow – Jackie Bradley
Pop/R&B Album Let’s Go EP – Sam Lyons
Pop/R&B Album This Is the Moment – Mikaela Lien
Rock Album Big – Distant Cuzins
Rock Album Inclusive Or – The Fauxtons
Rock Album Nowhere Land – 7 Seasons Deep
Rock Album Wrong Number of Heads – Beefus
Unique Album Ghost Agent Keen EP: more songs inspired by Under The Dome – Nate Bjork
Unique Album Songs I Recorded At The Library – Art Paul Schlosser
Unique Album T.R.Y. (Trials Raise You) – Anthony Lamarr
Unique Album Under Cover Holiday – Kerosene Kites
World Album Divine Spark – Natty Nation
World Album March Forth – Dub Foundation
World Album picsix – Smith and Jackson
Alternative Performer Imaginary Watermelon
Alternative Performer Madison Malone
Alternative Performer Nester
Alternative Performer The Begowatts
Blues Performer Roscoe Foster
Blues Performer The Jimmys
Children’s Performer Art Paul Schlosser
Children’s Performer David Landau
Children’s Performer John Duggleby
Children’s Performer Mauro Magellan
Country/Bluegrass Performer Driveway Thriftdwellers
Country/Bluegrass Performer J. Hardin
Country/Bluegrass Performer Old Farm Dog
Country/Bluegrass Performer Thirsty Jones
Folk/Americana Performer Anna Vogelzang
Folk/Americana Performer Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Folk/Americana Performer Lost Lakes
Folk/Americana Performer The Mascot Theory
Jazz Performer Joey B. Banks
Jazz Performer Major Vistas
Jazz Performer The Big Payback
Pop/R&B Performer Anthony Lamarr
Pop/R&B Performer Sam Lyons
Pop/R&B Performer The Hardest Thing
Pop/R&B Performer The People Brothers Band
Rock Performer Joey Broyles
Rock Performer The Apollo Affair
Rock Performer The Fauxtons
Rock Performer The German Art Students
Unique Performer Kerosene Kites
Unique Performer Nate Bjork
Unique Performer Skunk Fume
Unique Performer VO5
World Performer David Hecht & the Who Dat
World Performer Immigre
World Performer Natty Nation
World Performer Primitive Culture
Bassist Jenna Joanis – Jackie Bradley
Bassist Michael Mood – Beth Kille Band
Bassist Nick Fry – The Mascot Theory
Bassist Phil Lyons – David Hecht & the Who Dat
Brass Darren Sterud – The Jimmys
Brass David Spies – Chromos Tuba Quartet
Brass Jamie Kember – The Big Payback
Brass Mike Boman -The Jimmys
Drummer/Percussionist Chris Di Bernardo – Sam Lyons
Drummer/Percussionist Jenna Joanis – Imaginary Watermelon
Drummer/Percussionist Joey B. Banks – The Big Payback
Drummer/Percussionist Shannon Callaway – Sheshe
Guitarist Corey Mathew Hart – Lost Lakes
Guitarist Dan Kennedy – Chick Singer Night Band
Guitarist Ellie Erickson – Imaginary Watermelon
Guitarist Helen Avakian – Helen Avakian
Keyboardist Aaron Konkol – Natty Nation
Keyboardist Dave Adler – The Gomers
Keyboardist Jimmy Voegeli – The Jimmys
Keyboardist Peter Baggenstoss – The Big Payback
Specialty Instrument Anthony Lamarr
Specialty Instrument David Hecht – Primitive Culture
Specialty Instrument Erik Kjelland – The Mascot Theory
Specialty Instrument Sims Delaney-Potthoff – Harmonious Wail
Strings Biff Blumfumgagnge – The Gomers
Strings Jon Vriesacker – David Hecht & the Who Dat
Strings Julia McConahay – Sheshe
Strings Kenny Leiser – WheelHouse
Woodwinds Levi Bjork – Nate Bjork
Woodwinds Pete Ross – The Jimmys
Woodwinds Tony Barba – The Big Payback
Woodwinds Trevor Hoffman – The Rotation
Cover Song Jolene – Shawndell Marks
Cover Song Let It Snow – Kerosene Kites
Cover Song Santa Ana Winds – The Mascot Theory
Cover Song Last Date – 2016 – Jackie Bradley
Artist Of The Year Anna Vogelzang
Artist Of The Year Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Artist Of The Year Joey Broyles
Artist Of The Year The Mascot Theory
Cover Band Performer Gold Dust Women
Cover Band Performer Steely Dane
Cover Band Performer The Gomers
Cover Band Performer VO5
DJ DJ Boyfrrriend
DJ Kayla Kush
DJ Mike Carlson
DJ Vilas Park Sniper
Ensemble Vocals Gin Chocolate and Bottle Rockets
Ensemble Vocals Lost Lakes
Ensemble Vocals The Mascot Theory
Ensemble Vocals WheelHouse
Female Vocalist Anna Vogelzang
Female Vocalist Lo Marie
Female Vocalist Madison Malone
Female Vocalist Shawndell Marks
Live Sound Engineer Dustin Boyle
Live Sound Engineer Jon Chvojicek
Live Sound Engineer Lonya Nenashev
Live Sound Engineer Mark Fairchild
Local Live Music Venue Barrymore
Local Live Music Venue Brink
Local Live Music Venue Frequency
Local Live Music Venue High Noon Saloon
Local Live Music Venue Majestic
Local Music Fan Hannah Malone
Local Music Fan Laura Johnston
Local Music Fan Marco Pogo
Local Music Fan Sarah Warmke
Local Music Radio Personality Jimmy K and E Dub
Local Music Radio Personality Jonathan Sutton
Local Music Radio Personality Mitch Henk
Local Music Radio Personality Rockin’ John McDonald
Local Music Radio Station 105.5 MMM
Local Music Radio Station Max Ink Radio
Local Music Radio Station WORT 89.9
Local Music Radio Station WSUM
Male Vocalist Anthony Lamarr
Male Vocalist Corey Mathew Hart
Male Vocalist Erik Kjelland
Male Vocalist Sam Lyons
New Artist Imaginary Watermelon
New Artist Immigre
New Artist Lost Lakes
New Artist Tin Can Diamonds
Packaging Anna Vogelzang – Hiker
Packaging Everything Under the Rainbow
Packaging Kerosene Kites – Under Cover Holiday
Packaging The Mascot Theory – Trust And Bones
Photographer James Pederson
Photographer John Urban
Photographer Mary Sweeney
Photographer MOD Media Productions
Producer Beth Kille
Producer Jake Johnson
Producer Mike Zirkel
Producer Scott Lamps
Recording Studio Audio for the Arts
Recording Studio Blast House Studios
Recording Studio Paradyme Productions
Recording Studio Williamson Magnetic Recording Studio
Roadie Art “Hippo Wrangler” Ranney
Roadie Eric McConahay
Roadie Eric Stimson
Roadie Teresa Marie
Studio Sound Engineer Beth Kille
Studio Sound Engineer Billy Maynard
Studio Sound Engineer Jake Johnson
Studio Sound Engineer Mike Zirkel
Video Of The Year Light (feat. Madison Malone, Meghan Rose, & Gabe Burdulis) [Dir. Colton Stark] – Anthony Lamarr
Video Of The Year Over The Horizon – The Mascot Theory
Video Of The Year Sam Lyons Band – Lights On – Sam Lyons
Video Of The Year Soul Shiny Day – VO5