2016 Finalists Announced!

2016 MAMA Award Finalists

Artist of the Year    

The Jimmys


The Mascot Theory

Anna Vogelzang


New Artist of the Year  

Trap Saturn

Kerosene Kites

The Apollo Affair

Wizard Magic


Genre Awards


Album of the Year


Alternative Album         

All At Once – We Are the Wild Things

Color – Skyline Sounds

In Your Bones – Meghan Rose & The Bones

Rainbow Dark – Nester


Blues Album 

Hot Dish – The Jimmys

Life Is A Dance – Kurtis D. Welton


Classical Album 

Blues, Ballads and Beyond – Mark Hetzler

Dance of the Plants – Graminy

Dare to Entertain – Pat & Brigid Doty


Country/Bluegrass Album 

Meanwhile…Back At The Ranch – WheelHouse


Electronic Album 

Experimental EP – Joey Broyles

Happy Hour At The High Noon Saloon – Kicksville

Human Oscillator, vol. 1 – Kyle Rightley

This Stolen Year – Craig Walkner/Silent Man Standing/Moo


Folk/Americana Album

Esperanto – The Mascot Theory

Guardian of Being – Ida Jo

Three Hearts, One Dream – Ancestra

Weighted Balloon – Katie Burns


Hard Rock/Punk Album 

Frostburn – Lords of the Trident

Insomnia Mania – Skizzwhores

Just Try It On – Venus in Furs

Scavenger – Sir! No Sir!


Jazz Album

They Said… – Mark Hetzler

Toxic Consonance – Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps


Pop/R&B Album   

A Critique Of Modern Romance – Trap Saturn

Declaration – Anthony Lamarr

Liminal – Madison Malone

Some Shade of Blue – Jackie Bradley


Rock Album   

Sexy Ester – Sexy Ester

Stark Raving Songbird – Beth Kille

Weirdest Hits – Sunspot

Youth City – Gabe Burdulis


Unique Album

Acapulco – Cribshitter

Dance Originality – VO5

Duality – Trap Saturn

Lings – The Earthlings


World Album  

Dub Foundation Meets Captain Smooth – Dub Foundation

FrozenGrapeJuiceMachoLipstick – Skunk Fume


Song of the Year


Alternative Song 

Abalone Shells – Leah Brooke

Can’t Stay – Meghan Rose & The Bones

KFC – Gentle Brontosaurus

Love Sick – Sexy Ester


Blues Song  

Black Wind – The Whiskey Farm

Dig Your Own Grave – The Anderson Brothers

Lose That Woman – The Jimmys

Sad Happy – Leah Brooke


Children’s Song 

Mall Pretzel – Cribshitter

On Your Feet – The Whiskey Farm

Ukulele – John Duggleby

Zero to Hero – The Schlosser-Kammer Project


Classical Song     

Disco Tubas – Pat & Brigid Doty

Schnyder Sonata- Blues – Mark Hetzler

Song for Kacy – Graminy


Country/Bluegrass Song     

Freight Train – The Jimmys

Ol’ #7 – WheelHouse

One More Bridge To Burn – Teddy Davenport

Warning Label – Thirsty Jones


Cover Song    

Riptide (Vance Joy) – Kaia Kalise

Wild Things – Ancestra

Cocaine – Cribshitter

Moonlight Sonata Mvt. 1 – Jeff Weiss

Call Me Al – Marty Finkel


Electronic Song

Animal ESP – Drive to the Ocean

Dance All Night – We Are the Wild Things

If These (Vaginal) Walls Could Talk – Cribshitter

Super Psycho Stars – Joey Broyles


Folk/Americana Song 

You Don’t Scare Me – Robert J

First Summer Breeze – The Mascot Theory

Take Me Back – Karen Wheelock

Wrong Side of Gone – Beth Kille


Hard Rock/Punk Song

Messiah Complex – Sunspot

Counting Sheep – Skizzwhores

Still – Venus in Furs

Still Kick Chad’s Head – Cribshitter


Hip Hop Song

Breathe (feat. D.L.O. the Iceman, Smokes, & Clifton Beefy) – Anthony Lamarr

Dust – Joey Broyles

Moonlight is Dither, is Wow, is Flutter (feat. Dudu Stinks & Daewong) – Fringe Character

Sunshine – Cribshitter


Jazz Song     

Acapulco – Cribshitter

Boston – We Are the Wild Things

Joy Abundance – Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps

Settle for the Best – Kaia Kalise


Pop/R&B Song    

Business of Broken Hearts – Sexy Ester

Light (feat. Madison Malone & Meghan Rose) – Anthony Lamarr

Starting Over – Gabe Burdulis

Two Suns and a Moon – Madison Malone

Rock Song 

In Your Bones – Meghan Rose & The Bones

One Last Serenade – The Mascot Theory

Pin-Up – Sexy Ester

Suburban Summer Shine – The Getaway Drivers


Unique Song  

Evil Demon Weed (Live) – Kicksville

I Like Your Hat – Eddie Ate Dynamite

Red Eyes – Joey Broyles

What My Baby Wants – The Jimmys


World Song               

Funk Shway – The Jimmys

Mou Pei Na – Cribshitter

Two Things – The Earthlings

What We Do to the Earth – Ancestra


Performer of the Year


Alternative Performer   



The German Art Students

We Are the Wild Things


Blues Performer 

Blythe Gamble

Kyle Henderson and Blues Invasion

Megan Bobo & the Lux

The Jimmys


Children’s Performer

David Landau


Classical Performer

Black Marigold

Jeff Weiss


Country/Bluegrass Performer 

Kyle Rightley

Old Farm Dog

Thirsty Jones



Cover Band Performer 

Steely Dane

The Gomers


Gold Dust Women


Electronic Performer 

DJ Boyfrrriend

Joey Broyles


Wizard Magic


Folk/Americana Performer 

Anna Vogelzang

Ida Jo

The Mascot Theory

The Whiskey Farm


Hard Rock/Punk Performer 

Doctor Noise

Not Dead Yet

Sir! No Sir!

Venus in Furs


Hip-Hop Performer

Dogs of War

Fringe Character

Leet Moteef


Jazz Performer

Lovely Socialite

The Big Payback


Pop/R&B Performer

Anthony Lamarr

Gabe Burdulis

Madison Malone



Rock Performer  

Devil to Drag

Meghan Rose & The Bones

Sexy Ester

The Rascal Theory (trt)


Unique Performer 


Damsel Trash

Nate Bjork



World Performer 

Natty Nation

Samba Novistas

The Kissers

The People Brothers Band


Non-Genre Awards


Video of the Year  

Boys Don’t Do That – Joey Broyles

I Like Your Hat – Eddie Ate Dynamite

What Is People Fest? – The People Brothers Band

Dance Originality – VO5


Vocalists of the Year


Ensemble Vocals    

The Mascot Theory

Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets




Female Vocalist 

Meghan Rose

Lyndsay Evans

Karen Wheelock

Molly Ford


Male Vocalist

Gabe Burdulis

Erik Kjelland

Kyle Henderson

Anthony Lamarr


Instrumentalists of the Year



Annelies Howell – The German Art Students

Gordon Ranney – The Gomers

Kyle Henderson

Mark Noxon – WheelHouse



Jack Smith – Trap Saturn

Darren Sterud – The Jimmys

Jamie Kember – The Big Payback

Mike Boman – The Jimmys



Emily Mills – Damsel Trash

Joey B. Banks

Paul Kennedy – Sexy Ester

Wendy Lynn Staats – Sunspot



Dana Perry

Gabe Burdulis

Jake Ripp-Dieter – Meghan Rose & The Bones

Tim “Buttsexy” Budziszewski – Eddie Ate Dynamite



Aaron Konkol – Natty Nation

Jimmy Voegeli – The Jimmys

Meghan Rose – Meghan Rose & The Bones

Shawndell Marks – Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets/Chick Singer Night Band


Specialty Instrument 

Anna Vogelzang

Anthony Lamarr

Dan Walkner

Kevin Youngs – The Kissers



Biff Blumfumgagnge – Kicksville

Ida Jo

Julia McConahay – Sheshe

Kenny Leiser – WheelHouse



Jon Hoel – Megan Bobo & the Lux

Pete Ross – The Jimmys

Tony Barba – The Big Payback


People’s Choice Awards


DJ of the Year

Kayla Kush


DJ Trichrome

DJ Boyfriend


Live Sound Engineer  

Lonya Nenashev

Dustin Boyle

Dan O Stoffels

Andy LaValley


Local Live Music Venue   

High Noon Saloon

The Frequency

The Brink Lounge



Local Music Fan   

Sarah Warmke

Mark Ellis

Alejandro Velazquez

Kris Huehne


Local Music Publication/Blog

Maximum Ink


Local Sounds

Tone Madison


Local Music Radio Personality

Gabby Parsons

Jimmy K

Eric E-Dub Winegarner

Jonathan Sutton


Local Music Radio Station 

WORT 89.9 FM

105.5 Triple M

Max Ink Radio

WSUM 91.7 FM


Local Recorded Music Store

Mad City MusicExchange

B-Side Records

Strictly Discs



Sexy Ester – Sexy Ester

The Mascot Theory – Esperanto

The Whiskey Farm – Book of Matches

Devil to Drag – Devil to Drag



Mary Sweeney

James Pederson

Mark Ellis

Bob Wydra



Beth Kille

Mike Zirkel

Dan O Stoffels

Dustin Boyle


Recording Studio    

Blast House Studios

Paradyme Productions

D.N.A. Music Labs

Clutch Sound



Alejandro Velazquez

Joey B. Drum Students

Joe Dieter

Eric Stimson


Studio Sound Engineer 

Mike Zirkel

Dan O Stoffels

Landon Arkens

Meghan Rose