$5,000 for 5 Madison Area Schools

$5,000 for 5 Area Schools

Every year schools have to make tough decisions to cut programs due to reduced funding. Generally music programs are one of the first to go! Imagine your school, your kids without music. You may not think it happens here – right in your own backyard – but the Madison area is no exception. In fact, year after year, essential funding to support music programs is cut in our communities. The Madison Area Music Association and its supporters like you, have helped schools who are experiencing a lack of funding.

In early May 2018, the Madison Area Music Association donated $5,000 in musical instruments to 5 schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Each of the five schools received approximately $1,000 worth of musical instruments and equipment. These schools were selected by the school district for our donation.

While MAMA gives to other school music programs and sponsors music programs in community organizations, our 5 for 5 program specifically targets schools where the students have a more substantial need. Each of these schools has a significant percentage of students who is currently living below the poverty level. On average 60% or more students at these schools are living below the poverty level.

Here are the schools who have been helped by MAMA funding this year:

  1. La Follette High School
  2. Whitehorse Middle School
  3. Sennett Middle School
  4. Schenk Elementary School
  5. Allis Elementary School

If you know of a school that needs musical instruments or musical equipment please contact Curt Davies, Executive Director: executive_director@themamas.org or info@themamas.org